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If you want to reduce spiraling telephone costs, you may want to investigate a Voice Over IP (VOIP) strategy.
VOIP is significantly cheaper than traditional copper based telephone systems. In addition to not having to pay an expensive line rental fee for the copper wires going to your office, you are able to add and remove telephone lines as your requirements change. Significant expense or outlay is not required (you can pay over $30,000 for a PABX system, including the unit, handsets, installation, configuration and training!). You also gain the ability to have fantastic flexibility, including the ability to have your phone number follow you (to your mobile, to a home VOIP handset, or even to a VOIP client on your mobile phone).
However, the benefits DO come at a cost. Whilst always improving, call quality is not always as good as traditional copper based telephone systems. VOIP is also dependant upon the quality of your internet connection, in addition to the telephone exchange (for ADSL internet connections). Some customers either retain one or two telephone lines for emergency use, or fall back to mobile telephones during these outage windows.
Solutions Through IT do not follow the typical VOIP installation, sharing your existing ADSL and networking infrastructure. Whilst this is certainly cheaper, it allows for significant quality losses on your telephone calls - to the point where calls are either impossible or unusable. We implement a seperate network, with a dedicated internet connection for VOIP only
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