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If your business is like most other businesses, you need to get the most value for money, to stay competitive and profitable. A mere 5% gain in staff productivity can earn your business thousands of dollars more each year. Businesses seeking to increase the performance and reliability of computers (and thus staff) are looking towards managed support services.
Our current customers are enjoying the benefits of a managed services plan, including faster system performance, automated processing of those cumbersome and repetitive tasks, and (for when things do go wrong, or if assistance with a task is required) interactive remote assistance - so that a callout fee is not required. This feature is the one that our clients find invaluable - access to our skills interactively, means that you are able to get back to business faster!
The managed service consists of an application that is installed on your computers, and runs all the performance, and security tasks on a very regular basis. This application also allows us to monitor various indicators of your computer, as well as provides access for the interactive support and assistance.
Contact us today to let us show you how you can reduce costs and increase productivity of your staff and computers, by reducing problem resolution and advanced support services.