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The following links are direct links to the Exetel ADSL application pages. These links do contain a reference to the Solutions Through IT Exetel Agent Code (V045). Please use this code when ordering ADSL services from Exetel.
ADSL Modems and VOIP Products
Please note: all items come with a $20.00 delivery charge, added to the total cost of the order.

Product Description Price
Netcomm NB1 ADSL2/2+ compatible, One Ethernet modem/router $70
Netcomm NB5+4 ADSL2/2+ compatible, Four Ethernet port modem/router $80.00
Product Description $80.00
Netcomm NB5+4W ADSL2/2+ compatible, Four Ethernet port modem/router Wireless $135.00
Netcomm NB750 Load Balancing ADSL Aggregator $425.00
Netcomm NB9W ADSL2/2+ 4 Port Ethernet Modem/router Wireless With VOIP $200.00
Netcomm V100 Single Line Analogue Telephone Adaptor $90.00
Netcomm V200 VoIP Gateway with 2 x FXS Ports $155.00
Netcomm V300 Single Line - Two Port VoIP Adaptor with 3-Port Router $145.00
Netcomm V4xx VoIP Gateway 4x FXS OR 3x FXS; 1x FXO OR 2x FXS; 2x FXO OR 4x FXO $725.00
Netcomm V8xx VoIP Gateway 8x FXS OR 4x FXS; 4x FXO OR 8x FXO $1,250.00

Pricing subject to availability.